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The Dreamland Cromlech
Project of Giancarlo Barbadoro

The cromlech (stone circle) of Dreamland is an artistic expression that draws inspiration from "Land Art". It is an architectonic sculpture realized in unison with the natural surroundings, crafted from elements taken from nature itself. This feat was idealized on the basis of astroarcheology according to the ancient Celtic sciences.
The cromlech is inspired by the symbolism relating to the Sacred Circle, ancestral sign of perfection and eternity that is known by all natural Peoples of the planet. It is a symbol of energy, born from its center and convergent towards it. The invisible center reveals itself as a structural necessity as well as an event of knowledge.
The work sprang from the intention of drawing the public closer to a more intimate experience of contact with Nature, allowing for an interaction with the astronomical and natural occurrences.
In the ancient Celtic civilization, the large standing stone circles, such as Stonehenge and Callanish, embodies spiritual places of encounter and culture. This was a place for observing the stars and the sunrises as to establish the layout of the colanders and seasons. It was a place of both study and research.
In the same spirit the great cromlech of Dreamland was realized; with respect for the constructive principles of the ancient traditions and with reference to the myth of Fetonte and to city of Rama.
Today, this ancient amphitheater takes on the role of both stage and tribune of a theater immersed in the natural environment, where musical and cultural events recall the spirit of nature and of life's great adventure
Here, musicians and poets find inspiration for their art, and together with the public, they gather to exchange thoughts and emotions.

Reporter: Vincent Lemma - Footage: Rosalba Nattero
Video Editing: DigiTrash - Music: Giancarlo Barbadoro


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